Welcome to DigitalValley®

We are the world’s first sustainability- innovation marketplace to save Earth before it’s too late.

DigitalValley® offers all sustainability startups, corporates, investors, and academia experts the most efficient way to connect, create, and collaborate.

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About DigitalValley®

DigitalValley connects all local innovation eco-systems to democratize entrepreneurship and foster sustainable innovation. What to expect:

  • Founder to Founder Feedback
  • Founder to Expert Exchange
  • Access to Capital
  • Access to Corporates

Join us to unite the power of sustainable entrepreneurship!

How it works

DigitalValley® is your shortcut to world-class expert feedback and Startup-Programs

Founder to Founder Feedback

Everyone needs feedback on their idea, product and company and it is always advantageous to discuss with other founders. You can always find another Founder to have feedback sessions.

Founder to Expert Access

You get direct access to corporate experts from different verticals. Just one click away. We will start with experts from insurance, energy and banking. You can also get direct feedback from DigitalValley® IMPACT Consulting which is a new wave consultancy which strictly operates in innovation areas from business model innovation up to process innovations.

Enter DigitalValley®

You do not have to pack up all your life and pay horrendous rents as in other valleys - you can just sign up and you are good to start your founder journey within some minutes.

Get quick Access

Corporates, Startup Incubators and Accelerators make their programs and pitch events directly available for you so that you can easily apply with one click to those programs and save in total on average 1 working day that you can spend working on your product instead on any other form and bureaucracy.

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Our beliefs

You share our beliefs? Then do not wait and make our common beliefs become reality!

Our why

In everything we do we make entrepreneurship attainable and accessible for everyone

Our idea

Silicon Valley in digital = DigitalValley®


We give access to startups and it is just a click away in your DigitalValley® neighborhood


DigitalValley® is your mobile startup eco-system platform.
Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

We believe ...

in one global innovation ecosystem

that inclusiveness is advantageous over exclusiveness

that access shall not be a question of origin, resources, gender, color or location

everyone shall have the chance to try out their business ideas with a knowledgeable and motivated network

there is a ton of undiscovered innovation and creative minds out there

Move to DigitalValley®

Apply now for early access and recommend it to three others who need to be part of the next level startup ecosystem.

Trusted by our partners, supporters and friends

We're grateful to all our partners, supporters and friends who help us to empower our beliefs.

BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.
Impact Factory
Space Shack
Die Holokratie
Coworkit Solingen
Berg Pitch
Deutsche Bank
Bergsteiger Accelerator
ESMT Berlin
GreenTech Festival
Houghton Street Ventures
LSE Generate
PWC Experience Center
Pink Ribbon
W Lounge