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For Startups

We know – starting up can be tough. DigitalValley is here to help you and save some of your valuable time.


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Secure your company's future with innovation. Discover key sources of external innovation through startups on DigitalValley.


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Are you an accelerator or incubator? Join as an innovation ecosystem on DigitalValley. Discover your next cohort or batch effortlessly. Or streamline your award management with unmatched efficiency.

DigitalValley facilitates innovation smarter. We're here to connect the dots between the essential innovation players - startups, corporations, incubators, accelerators, and investors - making innovation accessible to everyone, everywhere. We are on a challenge to democratize entrepreneurism. Therefore, DigitalValley is your host to a vibrant community of gamechangers and opportunity seekers designed to foster innovation.

DigitalValley in the News

DigitalValley at Handelsblatt

DigitalValley has been featured in the latest AI Newsletter of Handelsblatt.
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DigitalValley at Strive

P. Dennis Niederhagen, co-founder and CEO of DigitalValley, outlines the crucial steps for securing Europe's future for STRIVE Online.
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Guidance every step of the way

Sure, we’re a tech platform, but our experience has taught us the value of expert advice. It not only saves time and money but also propels your projects forward. That’s why we offer expert consultation on innovation, startups, venture building, and venture clienting. Reach out to us anytime for advice!


Integrity & Respect

Technology favors no one. That’s why everyone on our platform is on an equal footing. And together we all ensure fair cooperation. According to the principles of integrity and mutual respect.


Innovation leads the way

Joining forces with our community of trailblazers, our single mission is to propel innovation to new heights. Innovation always takes center stage with us.

Our track record

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.


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Upgrade your startup scouting now! Save time and reduce costs. Contact us today to elevate your scouting process!