Our beliefs

We believe...

...in the wisdom of the mass

We trust in the collective wisdom of the many creative and brilliant minds out there.

...in inclusiveness

We champion inclusivity because innovation thrives on diverse, cross-functional thinking. Being inclusive leads to better results than being exclusive.

...in the power of access

We believe in the universal right to access, which should never be limited by one's background, resources, gender, skin color, or location.

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Code of Conduct


DigitalValley stands as a premier global innovation ecosystem, dedicated to uniting startups and innovation stakeholders worldwide. Our mission is grounded in the belief that diversity, varying perspectives, and interdisciplinary collaboration are the keystones of innovation and insight. It is our conviction that breakthroughs in thinking and innovation are fostered when diverse backgrounds and disciplines engage on equal footing. DigitalValley is committed to facilitating global connections among innovators, thereby crafting a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem that extends opportunities to the underserved. Our goal is to empower innovators to evolve into entrepreneurs, leveraging innovation and collaboration to enhance the world.

Core Values and Conduct

At DigitalValley, ethical and responsible conduct towards all stakeholders is fundamental to our ethos. Compliance with legal and regulatory standards is not just a mandate but a reflection of our values. We expect the same commitment from our partners. Acts that contravene our values or the law not only undermine our principles but also damage the integrity of our collective network. Individuals engaging in unlawful activities or exploiting the network for personal gain detract from our overarching aim to foster a supportive and innovative community.

Key Principles

Integrity and Judgment: Personal integrity and sound judgment are irreplaceable. We all must understand and adhere to laws and regulations relevant to our activities, accepting personal responsibility for our actions.

Leadership by Example: The strength of DigitalValley lies in collective action. Each member is expected to exemplify our values and actively oppose practices that conflict with legal standards, regulations, or our principles.

Reporting and Trust: Any member who identifies a breach of our code is encouraged to report it, assured of DigitalValley’s role as a trusted ally.

Guiding Principles

Freedom of Expression: We advocate for open communication, encouraging all members of our digital innovation ecosystem to express themselves freely and respectfully, without fear of retaliation.

Respect and Trust: Mutual respect and trust form the basis of our interactions. We strive to maintain an environment free from discrimination.

Acting with Integrity: Integrity is a cornerstone of our network. We expect all members to act with honesty and uphold these standards.

Zero Tolerance for Corruption: All forms of corruption and bribery are unequivocally condemned.

Intellectual Property Rights: We respect and safeguard all forms of intellectual property and protected content.

Data Privacy: The collection, retention, use, and transmission of personal data and information are conducted in strict accordance with applicable laws and policies.

DigitalValley is more than an ecosystem; it is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared values. Our Code of Conduct is a living document, reflecting our commitment to creating a better world through ethical practices and innovation.